Saturday, 10 March 2012

ELF Complete Coverage Concealer

Elf Complete Coverage Concealer in light
Like most people I hate wasting my money, which is why I try to avoid purchasing makeup online if I haven't tried it first. The only exception to this rule is with ELF cosmetics. There are two reasons for this, firstly because it is so affordable that even if I don't like a product it isn't a massive waste of money. Secondly, I really like ELF and am often pleased with my purchases and the ELF Complete Coverage Concealer is no exception.

If you read this blog you'll know that I have spot prone skin and am constantly keeping an eye out for products that camoflague and conceal both fresh spots and red marks left by old spots. I also have pale skin and sometimes it is difficult to find a concealer pale enough. The Complete Coverage Concealer comes in three shades; light, medium and dark.I opted for light and found that it is light enough even for my very pale skin. This concealer is great becasue it comes with four shades making it a versatile, multitasking compact. Two of the concealers have pink undertones and two have yellow undertones.The yellow is perfect for toning down redness and the pink it great for under eye and illuminating dark circles.Just a little hint, don't use the pink tones on spots because they will attract the light and draw attention to that area. Always use yellow for spots and redness and pink tones for highlighting and illuminating.

Lightest to darkest applied generously
1st and 3rd have a pink undertone
2nd and 4th have a yellow undertone

The creamy texture makes them easy to blend
The packing for this product is really nice and simple. It is a slick black case complete with a mirror and a small concealer brush. I personally don't use the brush, I prefer to use my fingers for concealer. The packaging is sturdy and you can carry it in your bag without worrying that it will spill out everywhere. It's a perfect little compact for travelling.

I really like this product. It is called Complete Coverage which implies a full coverage concealer. It definitely  gives medium coverage that is buildable for those days when you need a little extra help. The concealer is creamy, easy to apply and long lasting.. I haven't had a major breakout in a while so I'm not sure how this would preform on a bad breakout but is is good for blemishes, the under eye area and evening out skintone. I'm really pleased with this purchase and at £3.50 it is a great little bargain. You can buy this from the ELF website here.


  1. I got this too! really good product to cover my dark circles!
    I am following your blog & via hellocotton :)

  2. Yes I think it's a great buy! Thanks for the follow, I'll follow back x

  3. I agree, elf is so cheap I have no concerns buying make up from them! Normally I would only buy something online if I have already bought before x

  4. Me too but their quality is consistently good and their prices are so low!You've gotta love ELF!x

  5. I love Elf :) new follower, feel free to stop by & say hi!

  6. Will do! I love stoping by at new blogs and thanks for the follow! X