Thursday, 15 March 2012

NYC All Day Long Foundation Review

A review of NYC's All Day Long Foundation

NYC All Day Long Foundation in Classic Ivory
Since I started this blog I have never repurchased a foundation. There are so many on the market I feel like when I finish one I should try another one so that I can write about it. Also, since I've been reading blogs I've noticed that very few bloggers rate budget brand foundations. It seems to be the consensus that to get a great foundation you need to splash out. However, I really like foundations by NYC. I recently reviewed their Natural Matte Foundation, which costs just £2.99 and loved it. (You can read the review here.) So, when I noticed they had a new foundation out I though I'd give it a try.

Their latest foundation is called NYC All Day Long Smooth Skin Foundation. The reason why I was drawn to it is that their shade Classic Ivory is actually really pale, which is rare not just for budget foundations but for most foundations. As I've said I loved their Natural Matte Foundation but found their palest shade to be just a little dark for me. Not only is this foundation pale, there isn't even a hint of orange to it. I was also drawn to this because when I bought it cost just £2.49!

I have quite bad skin, it is spot prone and I have some scarring from acne when I was younger so I do prefer a foundation on the heavier side. This foundation is perfect for covering scarring because it is quite heavy and is buildable. I would say this is a medium to full coverage foundation, it would give far too much coverage for those with clear skin looking for a light foundation.

Applied generously to the hand. You can see it is quite a thick and heavy foundation.

Part blended. For the sake of the photograph I did apply a generous amount but
you can see that it is a little cakey and requires some work to get a smooth finish
This foundation gives the best finish when it is layered and built gradually. It can look a bit cakey if you apply too much, settling in eye brows and dry areas. I found this difficult to apply with a brush and think it is easier to use the fingers for blending. NYC All Day Long Smooth Skin Foundation is a matte foundation and can be a little bit drying. However, I have dry skin already so it is probably good on more oily skin for controlling shine. I've found that to get the best results with this foundation use a soft brush to buffer it into the skin for a smoother finish and set with a light dusting of mineral power.

I don't love this as much as the NYC Natural Matte Foundation because that was easier to blend and non-drying. However, I do like this foundation. I think this is mainly because it does give great coverage when you take some time to get the correct application and the shade is great on my pale skin. It claims to give 14 hour coverage. This is slightly exaggerated in my experience but it does give a good 6 hours wear.

If you're looking for a medium to full coverage foundation this is definitely worth a try. NYC All Day Long Foundation is available from Superdrug and is priced at around £3.00. (For some reason it isn't on the website at the moment.)


  1. thanks for posting about this. I agree, most people seem to blog reviews about the more expensive cosmetics and forget about the great cheaper brands that are out there! I can't buy NYC where I live but i'll be on the look for it next time im in the UK if available!

    1. Yes its a really good brand and super cheap!This isn't their best foundation but it is still very wearable. x