Thursday, 26 April 2012

Sure Women Natural Protection Deodorant Review

A review of the new Maximum Protection deodorant from Sure.

Sure Maximum Protection Deodorant

Deodorant, not that exciting  beauty item but an every day essential none the less, so I'm just going to do a brief post on this product, basically because I think its really good! 

Sure Maximum Protection deodorant

A while ago I was browsing the deodorant aisle in Boots because I was on the look out for an extra strength deodorant. I'd just like to point out this is not because I'm a major sweaty betty, I just happen to enjoy sport and I spend a lot of my life rushing from job to job. I saw the Sure Maximum Protection deodorant but I was put off by the £5.00 price tag. However, a few weeks later sponsored posts started popping upon blogs about this deodorant. A lot of them gave very positive reviews so I figured it might be worth splashing out on. Since I bought this deodorant I've had a job interview, sweated through numerous zumba classes, had a snowboarding lesson, played 90 minutes of football and spent far too many twelve hour days at work and I can whole heartedly say that this is an amazing deodorant.

It is cream deodorant and unlike others you apply this at night and can reapply it in the morning after a shower. This isn't the only unusual aspect of it, it kind of feels like there is a permanent coating on your armpits. It isn't unpleasant, in fact its quite moisturing but it is a slightly strange sensation when you're having a shower and it feels like there is a slight film covering your arm pits! It smells lovely when you apply it and it keeps you smelling great too.If you are super busy and feel like you  are in need of a super strong deodorant, this comes highly recommended. I bought mine from TESCO and it cost £5.00.


  1. Thanks for reviewing this - I've been trying to figure out if it's worth giving these types of deodorant a go, I think I'll pick one up next time I'm in town! x

    1. They are expensive but they are worth it, especially if you do sports x

  2. I am gonna need this cozz I am a "major sweat Betty. Hope it works, if its as good as you say it is then £5 is deffo worth it.x