Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Benefit They're Real Mascara Review

Benefit They Real

I was given They're Real when I attended a beauty bloggers event hosted by Benefit in February and have used it every day since, until I had my lash extensions done on Friday. I figured this is the ultimate opportunity to compare a false lash effect mascara to actual false lashes and see how it stands up!

They're Real comes in a sleek silver tube. The packaging is pretty sturdy and still looks brand new even though its been knocking around my makeup bag for a month or so. As well as great packaging They're Real has got the mascara wand spot on. The brush is flexible enough for you to be able to reach all your lashes and the bristles are made of a stiff plastic meaning you can grab the lash from the root and really cover it from root to tip.

Benefit They're Real wand

The consistency of this mascara is also really good, it's fluid enough that you can apply multiple coats without clumping and doesn't end up all over your eye lids when trying to create a dramatic effect. This mascara does give volumised, high impact lashes. In just three coats you can get lashes that rival false lashes. I had individual lash extensions done earlier this week and you can see how They're Real compares against these lashes. 

Left:No mascara                         Right: Benefit They're Real

Left: Benefit They're Real                             Right: Individual Lash extensions

There are just two negatives with They're Real. The first is that it is really hard to remove and I always wake up with panda eyes after I've worn it, so recommendations for a decent makeup remover would be appreciated. The second is that its costs £18.50. However, I've been using this tube for over a month and its still going strong. Also, I paid £60 for lash extensions that should last 3 weeks and Benefit's They're Real definitely holds its own against lash extensions, so when you compare it to the £60 I paid for them it actually seems like a bit of a bargain! 

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  1. Hey, if you're intersted: I did a review on the XXL Maybelline Pro mascara. It gives incredible lashes and is a lot cheaper than the Benfit. You can read the review (with before and after pics) here:

    xoxo Elisabeth

    1. I'll look out for this one when I need a new mascara. Haven't used a Maybelline mascara in a while.x

  2. Great review! I love Benefit's They're Real as well. I agree with you though, it can be difficult to remove! But at least that means no smudging during the day ;)

    1. Yes it is pretty smudge proof but I always wake up with panda eyes after I've worn it!x

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