Monday, 27 February 2012

Sleek True Colour Lipstick: Barely There

Sleek Lipstick: Barely There

It is only recently that I have seen the appeal of wearing lipstick on a regular basis. I always wear a gloss or stain on a night out but lipstick seemed a little bit much for everyday wear. However, I saw this lipstick featured on Katie's Beauty Blog in her 2011 favourites and thought it would be perfect for everyday wear. Since then it has become a staple of my everyday makeup routine.

There are numerous reasons why I love this lipstick, firstly I love the shade. Barely There is a gorgeous peach colour that, as the name implies, is quite subtle and natural looking but gives enough of a pop of colour to lift the face. The second reason why I love this lipstick is because it is super moisturising. I have always been a fan of matte lip stains and tints, however recently my lips have been really dry looking and lip stains often draw attention to dry lips and dry them further. This lipstick is enriched with vitamin E making it moistursing and kind to dry lips. 

Sleek True Colour Lipstick is easy to apply and wear and at £4.00 is a great affordable lipstick for everyday. I can't imagine not having this in my makeup bag and I'll definitely be repurchasing when I run out. Sleek True Colour Lipstick is available from Superdrug and online.

Barely There

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Appreciate the little things..

I genuinely believe that sometimes it is the little things in life that can bring us the most happiness. I don't just mean material possessions and new purchases, I mean taking the time to appreciate the small things. Like when a loved one makes you the sandwich you really wanted but couldn't be bothered to get off the sofa to make it yourself. Or when you drive to work and every set of lights are on green, or celebrating and taking pleasure in the successes of friends and family. Sometimes it is the little things that bring us the most happiness. A few little things that I am loving at the moment include:

Moo Free Chocolate

I love the name of this brand so much! Instead of being lactose intolerant I have decided that I am actually Moo Intolerant meaning that at least one cow can chill out in a field without the pressure of producing milk. I hope Mrs Cow is enjoying the break! Being Moo Intolerant means that chocolate and most things that are yummy are off limits. Most supermarkets do produce diary free chocolate but it isn't always the best, therefore I love that I have now discovered Moo Free Chocolate. It is vegan, fair trade and yummy. My mum bought this for me when she spotted it in the Bear Cafe in Todmorden. See, it really is about the little things, thanks mum! 


I fully intend actually open and read my copy of Elle when I get a few spare minutes.Until then I'm loving the fact that with this month's copy came a tube of Soap and Glory's Thick and Fast mascara. This retails at £10 so getting a tube with a £3.90 magazine is a little something to be of appreciative in my opinion!

Sleek Lipstick

I first saw this lipstick over at Katie's Beauty Blog on her 2011 favourites. I had been on the look out for peachy coloured lipstick for a while and I'm intrinsically programmed to trust anyone with the name Katy/Katie, so I invested in the shade Barely There featured in her favourites blog and video. It is a lovely lipstick that is moisturising and it was a bargain. I've tried to find it on the Superdrug website but for some reason it isn't on but I think it was around the £4 mark. Also, I bought this and thought I'd lost it but found it at the bottom of my bag! See, it really is all about the little things...

Monday, 20 February 2012

Benefit Beauty Bloggers Event

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Benefit beauty bloggers event at Harvey Nichols in Manchester, and it was a wonderful way to spend my Sunday afternoon! Initially, I was a little bit apprehensive about attending. I live in a slightly rough and ready northern town and I always feel like Harvey Nichols is far too posh for me. However, I put my insecurities about my social class to one side and attended the event and I'm really pleased that I did!

During the afternoon we were introduced to a lot of the Benefit products and shown how to use and apply them. We were also given a demonstration of how to create the perfect brow, which has made me worry that my brows are little inferior and I should make an effort to get to a Benefit Brow Bar to get some amazingly defined brows! We were shown their skin care range, given a makeup demonstration that was so beautiful I really want to recreate it for my wedding makeup. We were also given a sneaky peek at the new Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation that launches at the end of March, there will be a post about this to follow. It was also a great opportunity to put a face to brand, which is  a wonderful and rare opportunity.

Catriona from Benefit demonstrating their products on Danielle
Thanks to Becca from BDP World for the photo
I have to be honest, Benefit is a brand that I haven't used since I was a student a few years ago, mainly because I don't have easy access to it where I live and I refuse to spend £15 plus on a product that I have to order online. That was why this event was so great because I didn't just see the products on a shop floor, I also got to see them being applied and got some amazing tips about the best way to wear and apply them.

After this event Benefit is a brand that I want to try and know more about. One of the reasons for this is that the lovely team who hosted this event were approachable, friendly and interested in what myself and the other bloggers had to say. In my opinion companies shouldn't underestimate the value of this. If  I feel that I have a connection to a brand, like I now do with Benefit, I'll always think of the brand first and be proud to be associated with it, even if it is in a small way. It was also a small event meaning that everyone got the chance to chat, interact and give feedback. The lovely bloggers that attended were Becca from BDP World, Danielle from Dancing through the Fire, Phoebe from Peluxe and Terri from Hello, Terri Lowe.

Ooh lots of lovely Benefit products!
The Benefit counter at Harvey Nichols is really well stocked and the staff are lovely! If like me you are little apprehensive about going and trying out some products (perhaps like me you have issues about going into somewhere 'posh' like Harvey Nics or you're slightly more normal and worry you'll be pressured in buying or whatever)  I would definitely advise you to try Harvey Nichols in Manchester. The store is pretty quiet and the Benefit staff are really approachable. My mum, aka Mrs T, is fast approaching 60 (sorry mum) and has never worn foundation! *shock horror* It was only the other day she was saying how much she wanted to go and try some but was a bit nervous, so I'm definitely going to take her to Benefit in Harvey Nichols when their  new Hello flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation launches so she can get her first foundation!

Watt's Up and Hervana
So to the products, the ones that I am most excited to try out are Watt's Up highlighter and Hervana. Both of these products were used in the demonstration and looked amazing on! The Watt's Up highlighter gave a lovely soft and dewy effect and the Hervana can be used as a blush, eye shadow and even to add a hint of matte colour to the lips. I'm going to try out both of these products, along with a few others from Benefit and I'll be posting reviews in due course!!

Thanks to Michelle, Leanne and Catriona (sorry if that's spelt wrong) from Benefit for a lovely afternoon! 

Saturday, 18 February 2012

I've been doing a spot of shopping...

I really cannot get enough of ELF cosmetics at the moment. My last three makeup hauls have all been courtesy of ELF. Not only are they super affordable, the quality is great and the delivery is very fast. To be honest, if I reviewed each of the products I have bought from them I could start a blog dedicated purely to ELF! My latest purchases, that I can not blooming wait to try out, are:

ELF Complete Coverage Concealer
I have problematic skin so a good concealer is a must! The ELF Complete Coverage Concealer comes in a neat and sturdy palette that is complete with a mirror and mini brush. I opted for the palette for light skin, which has four shades. My first impressions are very positive. The packaging is stylish and neat and there is a great variety of shades. They have a yellow base, which is great for toning down redness and for me is a sign of a good concealer.

ELF Professional Foundation Brush
Now I have a confession to make, this is the first foundation brush I have ever owned! I know, I'm sorry but my fingers have always done the trick and they are free. However, after watching quite a lot of YouTube videos I have seen the error of my ways, hence this latest purchase. I've heard lots of great things about  the ELF Professional Foundation Brush so I'm excited to give it a try.

ELF Shimmer Palette
The ELF Shimmer Palette comes in the same lovely packaging as the concealer set, which includes a mirror and brush. I love shimmer bricks but I did not own any cream shimmers, that is until now of course! This palette has a good variety of peach and pink toned shades that can be used for highlighting and illuminating.

Oh and I should mention, all of this cost me less than £12.00 including postage and packing. I do love a bargain! Thanks ELF. 

Sunday, 5 February 2012

A few of my current favourites

Wohoo look at me blogging in the first time for what feels to be ages! It's actually around the three week mark since I last posted but it does feel like a significant amount of space. I stopped blogging for a few reasons, which I will write a separate post about, however I have been keeping up with all things blogging from a distance. I've recently been watching a lot of YouTube and I've really been enjoying watching and learning from there. I never really saw the appeal of Youtube for bloggers until recently and I'm definitely on board. I won't be posting any videos myself but I'll definitely be watching more regularly, so if you would like to recommend anyone please feel free.

Anyway I thought that I'd return with a post about a few great products that I've been using for the past three to four weeks

1) Collection 2000 Blush in 03 Breathless
Collection 2000 in Breathless
I had been looking for an apricot/ peachy toned blush for a while and I spotted this whilst I was doing my shopping in Tesco. I took the fact that this shade is called Breathless as a sign, as I am a huge fan of the film by the same name! However, I am rubbish at choosing the correct shades in shop and often get home to find that they look a completely different shade than I had expected them to. I was willing this blush to be peach but it is in fact a shimmery, translucent gold colour. The subtlty of the shade means that I haven't been using it as a blush but as a highlighting product to add light and lift and I think this product is perfect for this! 

2) Sephora Blush in Coral Flush

Sephora Blush in Coral Flush
I bought this blush when I visited Rome in October. I was in holiday mode so I wasn't counting the pennies but it cost around the £8ish mark when converted into pounds. This product looks a little scary in the packaging because it looks like it could be very bright. When I look at it I always think of Marge Simpson after Homer has shot her with the makeup gun he makes. Anyway, this is far from the case, it is a lovely, soft and sheer coral pink and I love it!

Collection 2000 Breathless and Sephora Coral Flush
3) ELF Makeup Mist and Set

Elf Mist and Set
I don't get time to touch up my makeup much during the day and hate looking in the mirror to find that it has all melted from my face. I'm always on the look out for products that extend wear and this great product from ELF is a must have. It is a mist that you spray on to fix your makeup. Don't get me wrong, it isn't a miracle product and you will have to reapply your makeup at some point during the day but it does extend the wear of makeup. It is convenient, cheap and easy to use but I'm not convinced I'll ever get used to spraying my face, it makes me jump every time I do it! 

So there you go, a few of my everyday favourites that are all affordable and easy to wear!