Beautiful Blogs

Basically blogs I wish I had written and you should all read...


A really lovely blog written by 22 year old Jennie May. Offers a sneak peak into her life with posts about fashion, makeup and life in general. The photography is absolutely gorgeous. This is definitely one of my favourite blogs and I reckon there are great things on the horizon for Sailor Jennie. 

Forever Miss Vanity
What I really like in a blog is a glimpse into someone else’s life, mainly because my job means that I need to remain anonymous online and so can’t incorporate anything personal into my blog. 
Forever Miss Vanity is a little glimpse into the world of Jessica. There are posts about fabulous fashion, makeup and really honest accounts about life and finding your place in the world.

A Little Obsessed

This is a super informative beauty blog about all the latest products on the market. The photography is great and the articles are well written and well observed. This is a must read for those a little obsessed with all things makeup! 

 Lucy Writes
As somebody who is still relatively new to blogging I’m envious of blogs that are well established with a clear voice and great design. I’m even more envious of blogs that are only a few months old and have this already, Lucy Writes is one of these blogs! This blog is adorable, it has posts about fashion, cosmetics and day to day life and I love reading it.I predict big things for Lucy, her writing and her blog! 

Lucy Locket
There seems to be a theme establishing here, apparently being called Lucy is a shoe in to have an amazing blog! This blog is like on online diary of things fashion and Lucy has some seriously good taste. I’m going to check out this blog before I buy because I love every item featured on it. Lucy can style me any day!

Beauty Geek

I’m not sure I can put into words just how much I love this blog. I think that is partly because it caters for my problematic skin but mainly I love this blog because it is so well written, comprehensive and has articles about all things to do with makeup and skincare. I’m just annoyed I’ve only recently stumbled across this blog.

Makeup by Lauren P
A great website with wonderful tutorials and how to guides. The ultimate go to blog for great and easy to follow makeup tutorials.

Ones to watch: A few new blogs to keep your eye on.

A Girls Dream Blog